Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Gratitude & Attitude Award

Thanks to Nikki at Little Ted Cards who thinks I'm deserving of this cute little lemonade stand award for Blog Gratitude/Attitude.

I created my blog for my friends and family to see what I've been doing and to also gain inspiration from my work. I'm always amazed at how many people visit my blog, and I'm humbled that people out there think my work worthy of blog awards.

In accepting this award, I've agreed to pass it on to five other bloggers I'm grateful too. Here they are:

Marcia - Whose blog I visit almost every day to see what she's been up too, and who started me on the Bella road when I saw some of her work and said to myself "I want that..."

Chrissie - For always making me smile with your posts. Your an inspiration and I love visiting your blog and seeing what you've been up too.

Natahsa - For having such a wonderful blog which I love visiting and for being the only person I'm guaranteed to bump into in Woolworths when I go shopping....LOL!

Kellie - My new blog friend. I check for your posts daily and love your work. Have also fallen in love with 'the soap dish' as much as you have and am now awaiting my second shipment to arrive. Add to this I made my first batch of hand made soap yesterday. You've opened my eyes and now I need more craft storage space for my new hobby :)

Sharon - My second level up line who's just started a lovely blog. I hope you have as much fun as I do showing us all your creations and thank you for showing me the world of Stampin' Up! two years ago.


Kellie said...

WOW thank you so much, you have made my blogging day! xx

Littleted62 said...

You really deserve this award Nerine, I love visiting your blog to see your latest creations and I love that blogging can bring people together from opposite sides of the world! Hugs, Nicki, xx.