Monday, February 23, 2009

An Embossed Birthday Wish

Hello readers,

I'm back again after a few days of chaos at my home. It began with blogger playing up on me on Thursday, and a BBQ to get ready for on Friday preventing me from updating my blog. Then, over the weekend, DH has managed to come down with some illness - and we all know how pathetic men are when they get sick. If that wasn't enough, to top things all off, my washing machine also decided to completely die...and it didn't do it quietly or have the decency to finish the load that was washing either!

However, after all of this, I have a weeks work of posts ready to show you. I'm going to be creating all the posts tonight and setting them to automatically publish so, if you'd like your take on last Tuesday's layout challenge card showcased on my blog, please email me a picture or post a link before 7pm CST so I can add it to the post.

Now to today's post. On the weekend I demonstrated a workshop where the hostess asked to be shown heat embossing. I love heat embossing and designed two cards showing different embossing techniques. All the girls loved their creations, and this was my example of the first card we did. I've kept it very simple as many of the ladies attending had never heat embossed and I didn't want to frighten them off...LOL!

* Baroque Motifs & Sincere Salutations Stamp Sets.
* Whisper White & Taken with Teal Cardstock.
* Encore Gold and Taken With Teal Stamp Pads.
* White 1/4" Grosgrain Ribbon, Gold Embossing Powder & Mat Pack with Piercing Tool.


Marcia P @ The Stamp Spot said...

Love it Nerine, gold and teal always work so well together. I also like how you haven't kept the flourish complete, but cut it down. Makes it look like it is from a bigger piece!

:) Marcia

Tammy B said...

That's gorgeous Nerine, I love that stamp set.

Littleted62 said...

Wow, that looks so elegant - your embossing is perfect!

Kathryn Mangelsdorf said...

Very nice card, oh I love this stamp set! I use it all the time.

Natasha said...

Stunning Nerine!

KathyJ said...

I love the clean lines and elegant simplicity of this card!! Thanks for stopping by my blog 'cause I got the chance to look at yours!!! :)