Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Photo Challenge

Hi everyone!

Well, this is a bit of an impromptu visit to my blog - two posts in one day. This one's not card related though. I've been issued a photo challenge by both Sharon and Kellie, so I thought I'd play along.

The game is to go to your photo folder, and choose the 6th subfolder and the sixth photo within that folder. I'm then to post that photo and tell the story that goes with it. So, here goes...

This photo was taken in February (I think) 2007 when my husband's favourite football team came to Darwin to play the Aboriginal All Stars. My husband dragged us all to the game in sweltering heat and humidity. While the kids and I lost kilo's in sweat, he was busy snapping HEAPS of pictures of the game. He was happy though, but now (and this must be a sign) Essendon are back in Darwin again next month and he wants to watch them play again. He's trying to talk me into buying tickets to the game as (and I quote) "We'll be there anyway picking up our new car so it won't be a special trip".

Now I have to pass this on to five other bloggers. As I'm a little lazy tonight, I'm going to let other blogging readers decide if they wish to play this game. If you'd like to play, consider this an invitation and pop a comment in this post so we can link through to your blogs.

Until tomorrow, good night.

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