Sunday, January 4, 2009

Back From Holiday's

Hi everyone. Well, although I didn't advertise it on my blog, you probably guessed that my absence of more than a week was indication I was away on holidays. The family and I went to Brisbane for a week to visit extended family and friends. In addition to that, we managed to go to Dreamworld/White Water World, Cirque Du Soleil (which was FANTASTIC) and the races.

Personally, I'm rather glad to be home. Although we did some great things on our holiday, I think it can class as THE WORST holiday we've ever had. To begin with, our flight carrier managed to totally destroy our suitcase on the way to Brisbane. Then, there were the usual extended/family squabbles scattered around our visit once we'd arrived.

On our arrival back in Darwin we were informed that one of our suitcases had decided to take the scenic route home and was travelling unaccompanied. (although we took one down, we had to bring back 4 to accommodate the small amount of shopping I did and the massive amount of presents that were given to us for Christmas on our arrival). We decided to head home with out the bag as we had no idea how long it would take for the bag to finish it's vacation and run out of funds :) and arrive in Darwin.

This is where a bad holiday became significantly worse. 20km north of Katherine on the Stuart Highway, our vehicle was hit by a storm front. In the Northern Territory, it can be lightly sprinkling rain, then within a second, it can change to a torrential downpour. This is what happened to us. With the road unable to accommodate the deluge, as we were slowing down for the changed weather conditions, our vehicle aqua planned on water across the road and DH lost control of the vehicle which, at the time was travelling at 100km an hour.

For the most part we are all unhurt suffering at the most only cuts and bruises. Our car however is a complete (in my opinion) write off having damage to left and right hand sides of the vehicle, major damage to the back of the vehicle, under carriage and roof. I'm quite upset about it as I really liked my car.

So today we have to begin the search for a new vehicle. If it's fixable (which I doubt) then we'll need to find a car to use while it's repaired. If it's written off, then we need a car to replace it. DH wants one exactly the same but newer, however I'm not so sure. I'm leaning more towards getting him a work type vehicle he can tow the trailer and bikes to the Moto-X track with, while I have the nice new (well, new second hand) car. I guess time will tell.

Tomorrow I shall start with my 2009 blog happenings each day, as this - I think, will lift me from my melancholy mood. Until then, I'll fill you in on my next post with this months Stampin' Up! promotion.


Karen Robinson said...

Oh my gosh Nerine, that's terrible. I'm so glad none of you were seriously hurt. I hope it all works out as you hope with the car and that your missing suitcase turns up! Kaz x

Chrissie said...

Oh Nerine.... that is just horrible! I am please that none of you were hurt! Good luck with the car hunting!

Anonymous said...

Nerine, I'm so sorry to hear of your accident, but so glad you and your family only have a few cuts and bruises to show for it. Your Guardian Angel was truly with you that day.

Take care
Dani Wrigglesworth

Kathryn Mangelsdorf said...

Wow, I am glad that you are all were not injured, sorry about the car but that can always be replaced. Look forward seeing your new blog creations when you can find this in around get a "new" car.

Sharon said...

Sorry to hear about the accident but very glad you are all OK. How lucky you were fairly close to home. I was driving home from Darwin late yesterday and was just at the airport turnoff when one of those downpours hit - I had to slowdown to 40kms! I was really glad our car has traction control - I felt it kick in a couple of times - or I could have ended up like you. Oh, hope the suitcase made it home.