Thursday, November 13, 2008

Bits & Pieces Keeper:

Normally I try not to post twice in the same day, but I had to share with you all, the bits and pieces keeper I've just finished. I saw this idea on a fellow SU Demo's web site (Thanks Ngaire) a few weeks ago and fell in love with it. However, I had to wait for a trip to Darwin before I could find and purchase the lazy susan that the can's are positioned on.

This was essentially very easy to make - with the hardest thing being, "what do I do with 5 can's tomatoes?". I've chosen fall flowers to cover the cans with, and on every second can, have also added grosgrain ribbon. I've seen some demonstrators use hodgepodge on their cans to hold labels, but I've decided not to do this, as I probably wouldn't put things back in their right tin anyway, and it also allows me to change the contents if need be.

* Fall Flowers DSP.
* Old Olive Grosgrain Ribbon.
* Sticky Strip & Mini Glue Dots.
* 6 x Normal Sized Cans and 1 x Long Thin Can.
* Lazy Susan from Home in Darwin.


Tammy B said...

Very nice Nerine. You had me guessing what your plan was for those cans!!! It's a fantastic idea.

Marcia P said...

Let me guess, spaghetti, salsa and beans at your house for the next week!? Hope you like tomatoes!

I need to give this idea a crack too, saw it on Ngaires blog and liked it.

:) Marcia

Kerry D-C said...

Super COOL! you're too funny about your tomatoes! LOL!

Sharon said...

What a great idea! Where did you buy the lazy susan?

Chrissie said...

Love it! No room on my messy desk for one of these though! LOL