Friday, August 22, 2008

I've Got Another Award:

I'm such a lucky girl, not only has Chrissie given me an "I Love Your Blog" award which I'm not sure I deserve, but Mel and Grant humbled me by choosing my card (the one I bagged on Monday night and is posted below) to win Mel's fortnightly colour challenge. So today, even though I've been sick, was a great day.
Thank you Chrissie and Mel for your continued support in what I do, and for making it all so much fun. You both inspire me much more than you could ever imagine and I'm very fortunate to count you both as wonderful friends.
I'm going to lap up my blog award for a couple of day's before I pass it on to 7 other bloggers, so stay tuned over the weekend. I'll also be posting my completed 'Thank You' gifts for my Beginner Challenge participants as well, so keep an eye out for those - I know your going to love them.

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