Saturday, August 30, 2008

Ahoy, It's Gift Wrap:

I don't normally bring personal opinions to my blog, but a few weeks ago, as I was cleaning the kitchen I watched a 60 minutes documentary on the 'Seas of Shame'. The documentary showed in eye opening detail what our plastic waste is doing to our oceans and wildlife therein. I'm ashamed to say, until I saw this documentary, I remained disgustingly ignorant on the damage our disposable world is wreaking on the environment.

Since watching 'Seas of Shame', followed a few weeks later by 'Crunch Time' , I've made a conscious effort to reduce my household plastic waste and to consider the effect my packaged purchases have on the environment. I don't know what effect my efforts will have, but at least I will have the peace of knowledge knowing that at least I'd tried my best to make a difference. Which brings me to today's project!

With two of my children off to a birthday party today, I decided to avoid the cellophane wrap, plastic curling ribbon and other bleached and packaged birthday paraphernalia currently available to purchase. Instead, I sat down with my 8 year old daughter and together, using some brown paper, we stamped the above wrapping paper and decorated the parcel with a fabric ribbon. I've also created a cute little tag, just to co-ordinate everything together and give the wrapped gift that 'finishing touch'.

Not only do I think it looks great, but I also had fun with Reigan and I hope, in some small way my efforts will impact less on the world around us. I hope you like it too.


* Ahoy Matey Stamp Set.

* Chocolate Chip Ink Pad.

* Tag Punch, Crop-a-dile, Gold Cord (retired), Chocolate Chip Satin Ribbon & Metallic Eyelets.


Anonymous said...

That's awesome Nerine ... you know the copious amounts of paper that come in SU boxes come in handy for this kind of thing. I know they are scrunched up, but that just adds to the character!

:) Marcia

Natasha said...

Looks gorgeous Nerine. I think making gift wrap adds so much more meaning to a present too. Well done girls!

Sharon said...

Hi Nerine, I second Marcia's comment. It looks great! I bet it cost less too.