Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Magic Slide Card:

I started this card at Karen's on Sunday but finished it at home due to hunger (the family) and headache (me) issues. This is a magic slide card. The picture on the front is black and white but when you pull the tab up, the picture changes to colour...it's simply magical! The kids love it though and it had Jason perplexed until I showed him the in's and outs of this papercraft mystery.


* Blooming with Happiness, Carte Postale and Petal Prints Stamp Sets.

* Whisper White, Bashful Blue and Jet Black Stazon inks.

* Round Tab Punch

* Soft Subtles Markers

* Acetate Sheets


This card, despite it's appearance, is actually quite easy to make, just a little fiddly. I played around a little to make this one, and as such don't have exact instructions, but, I'll give it a go.

1. Gather your supplies together. Using your Jet Black StazOn, stamp the 'magic' image once onto a piece of acetate, and a second time onto a piece of neutral cardstock. I've used Whisper White.

2. Colour in the image on the Whisper white Cardstock and line it up with the stamped acetate sheet, with the acetate image on top of the coloured in image. Adhere together at the top and cover the join with a tab of any description.

3. In the usual way, create a card. Decorate as you wish and set aside.

4. Create a frame (making sure it's large enough to house the stamped acetate and coloured in image), and adhere a piece of acetate on the back of the frame to create a 'window'. Make sure you leave the top of the 'window' unadhered so that you can slip things in behind the 'window'. Adhere to the back of the 'window' (against the acetate) a piece of the neutral cardstock used for the coloured image - again making sure you leave the top unadhered. I've used Whisper White. This should create a 'window' with two pockets at the top of the window.

5. Adhere the 'window' to the decorated card. Slip the stamped acetate image into the first window 'pocket' behind the acetate but infront of the neutral pocket. Slip the stamped coloured image behind the neutral pocket. Push the stamped imaged completely behind the window, and you should see in the window a black and white image. When you lift the tab up, the image should colour as you'll see the coloured image on neutral cardstock behind the stamped acetate image, making it look like the black and white has turned to colour 'magically'.


kyliema said...

This card is awesome Nerine can you share how you did it?


Nerine .P. said...

Hi Kylie,

Thanks for the lovely feedback.

I'll type up the instructions over the next few day's and post them - hopefully even with pictures so please, check back toward the end of the week.

Kind regards,