Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Decorated Glass

With so much landfill being created these day's from rubbish, I've made a conscientious effort to minimise our household waste. So, if you ever visit, when I offer you a drink, you'll most likely receive your beverage in an old (and cleaned out) condiment jar. I particularly like using the Hazelnut Spread jars as their a good size and are perfect for turning into glassware. What's more, if one accidentally smashes, it's inexpensive to replace and I'll constantly have a perfect set.

This week, I decided to get creative with my recycled glassware by using Rub On's. So, playing around a little, I decided the above would make a great candle jar, lolly jar (which was my original intent before the family ate the lollies) or, with just a few extra rub-on's I could individualise each glass to give it that little something extra. This is exactly what I've done for this milk glass which my daughter has claimed as her own.

As for cleaning, I've found that the rub on's don't mind a warm soapy but gentle handwash but I wouldn't recommend popping them into a dishwasher.

* Cherished Memories Rub Ons.
* Old Jar.

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Chrissie said...

Great idea Nerine... I was just looking at our chocolate spread jar the other day and thought the same thing! Great minds hey?!