Monday, January 26, 2009

Australia Day 'Thanks Heaps'

As a child, I was privileged to live and travel in quite a few different countries around the world. I can remember being embarrassed by the fact that I was Australian because of how the outside world perceived us as a people and as a Nation. This perception by those around us, filtered down to my family who was living abroad. I was teased at school for my ocker accent and it was expected (and communicated) that I should ALWAYS slob about in thongs, dress in a Bonds singlet and basically behave like the worst of 1980's Australian stereo-types.

I'm telling you this because, not only did my experiences open my eyes to the splendor of the greater world, their sights, foods and cultures. But, it also made me appreciate what I had at home. Australia is truly (in my opinion) THE BEST country in the world to live in. Now, when I travel abroad, I'm proud of my accent and my designer thongs. They symbolise something which I was born too, something that's within my blood, stirs my soul and fills my heart with a completeness of belonging.

So, today I have for you a card that I made specifically for Australia Day. I've taken our national 'green and gold' and created something sophisticated to show the world were all not just thongs, beer and brickies smiles. Were tradition, camaraderie, beauty and a whole lot more that I can't even put into words, but feel with every fibre of my being. Happy Australia Day!

* Live Your Dreams Stamp Set.
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* Handsome Hunter, Metallics (gold) & Very Vanilla Cardstock.
* Embossing Buddy, Gold & Clear Embossing Powders & Pretties Kit.


Kellie said...

Oh bugger I am working on the other one just now, time keeps getting away from me. Will DEF get this one in on time....try, haha. Will still keep doing the old one. I love what you have done with the new one it's adorable. And everyone done an amazing job with the other sketch. xx

Sharon said...

Beautiful card.

Marcia P said...

This card is awesome. I would never have thought to emboss that image.

:) Marcia