Monday, July 14, 2008

Someone Special...Who Could It Be???

Can anyone guess what my kid's watched on TV this afternoon...if you checked out the title and thought "Higgly Town Hero's" you'd be right. I've got the theme song rolling around my brain at the moment and I just can't get rid of it, it's frustrating!!!

So, in the spirit of "...if you can't beat them...join them" I decided to make a card tonight to send out to someone special who inspires me creatively...the best thing is, she doesn't even know who she is - and won't until she receives one of the above cards. How cool is that!!!

Tonight's cards are a 'sneak peak' at some up coming products from SU's soon to be released Mini Catalogue so I can't tell you what they are just yet. However, I'm going to re-iterate that I love this Mini and stand firm on the fact that it's just full of colour, energy and well...Summer!!! Incidentally, for those keeping track - I have a new favourite stamp set, actually, I have two new favourite stamp sets - can anyone guess what they are?


Natasha Murray said...

I'm so glad another adult knows the words to Playhouse Disney themesongs too!!
Very cute cards too - love that stamp set too (and not just because I'm a dietitian)!

Marcia said...

Oh those oranges look very tangy there Nerine!!! Great cards, very bright and cheerful.

Chrissie said...

Fabulous cards Nerine.. love that set.. so fresh and summery