Thursday, February 21, 2008

Vellum Tealight Holder:

It's official - I'm a hoarder!!! On the weekend I was cleaning out my pantry and stumbled across two jars of baby food my youngest never ate when he was a baby. So, I emptied the jars out, cleaned them, removed the labels and decided to make a tealight holder out of them. Afterall, waste not, want not is the crafter's motto isn't it? Now I'm going to make another two - of different heights so I have a nice display of 3 tiered Vellum Tealight Holders. Just remember, if your making this project at home to NEVER leave burning candles unattended.

The technique I've used here is simple heat embossing with Stampin' Up!'s soon to be retired copper Encore ink and SU copper embossing powder. The Basic Outline Stampin' Around wheel will also go with the end of our current Summer Mini Catalogue on the 31st March 2008.


* Basic Outline Stampin Around Wheel.

* Vellum paper.

* Copper Ink.

* Vintage brads and Copper embossing powder.

* My miscellaneous item was an empty jar of baby food and a lovely Partylite Gardinia Tealight.

'How To Make' Directions:

1. Take a piece of Vellum of a size that wraps around your jar completely and is just over double the height of your jar.

2. Place the vellum on a flat surface and stamp image with ink (I used Encore Brass but you can also use VersaMark or another type of slow drying ink). If your using a Stampin' Around Wheel, please do one 'line' at a time.

3. Sprinkle with embossing powder & heat until the powder changes form.

4. Continue stamping and embossing until the entire piece of vellum is covered to your desired effect.

5. Mark the half way point for the HEIGHT of your vellum and cut in half. Here we are cutting our piece of vellum into two exact same sizes of paper.

6. Placing the 'wrong' sides together so that the embossed sides of vellum our on the outside, pierce two small holes about 1.5 cm apart through both sheets of embossed vellum about 1 cm from the side edge of the left hand side. Secure with 2 x brads so that both pieces of vellum are held together.

7. Holding the right sides of your vellum together in your right hand, create an opening between each sheet of vellum and place your jar inside. Reduce the opening size by moving your right hand toward the left hand side of the paper until the vellum fits comfortably around the jar to your desired width.

8. Pierce two holes 1.5 cm apart (basically opposite your left ones) where you've determined the vellum should finish. Place Brads through those holes securing the right hand side pieces of vellum together. Trim approximately 1 cm to the right of your right hand side brads to match the left hand side.

9. Place Candle within and enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Hi Nerine,

How beautiful! Can we do these at a technique class too?


Nerine .P. said...

No Problem Sharon,

I'll add it too my list! You weren't supposed to check my blog til tomorrow - now there'll be no nice morning suprise...LOL! I just had to post a little early today being a grocery shopping day!

:) Nerine

Anonymous said...

Love this project and all the others on your blog. I am from Canada and was on SCS when I found this link to your Blog. Will be going into my favorites list.

Keep up the great work.

Nicole said...

This is gorgeous, Nerine! The embossing really takes these vellum cangle boats to a new level!

Nerine .P. said...

Thank you so much everyone!

I've given you all directions on how to make these if you wish too.

Kind regards,

Ryemilan said...

What a wonderful idea Nerine! This vellum tealight holder is beautiful. Thanks so much for the tutorial.

Thanks also for visiting and commenting on my blog.

All the best,